Monday, November 7, 2016

Denim Shirt with woolen sleeves

Hi Dooooods of India,

I am back after a long gap. This time I have decided to post about the latest denim shirt for men. I accompanied my wife to Max for her weekend shopping spree and as she was taking time to shop for her clothes, I decided to go to the men's section to scan for latest shirts. To my luck, I saw this shirt and I could not take my eyes of that shirt.

Shirt: Denim full hand shirt with woolen sleeves
Price: Rs 1999/-

Goes well with leather pants, Jean trousers and cargo pants.

Usually girls have the habit of clicking pictures standing in front of the mirror in the rest room/ changing room. I decided to click some pictures too.

The following pictures will explain my ordeal in this picture clicking process

1) Camerava paaruda Kabodhi click

This click taught me that I am supposed to look at the camera lens in the mirror and not at my face. It looks as though I am looking somewhere

2) Konjam confidence; but idhu podhaadhu

As I figured it out that I need to look into the camera lens, I gathered some courage to free one arm. What I loved in the sleeves is that it gave a cushioning effect to my arms. For those who don't have biceps and triceps, this shirt is a varaprasadham

3) Innum unkitta adhigama perfaarmance expect panrom click

I was not able to hold the phone with one hand for a long time. So I again moved my hand back to support the phone. One padupaavi asked me on FB whether I was putting scene about the apple product. Another veena pona Amitabh maama asked me if it was a China model phone. 

But click came out some-what-OK. Students can keep paper bits inside the sleeves while writing exams.

4) Finally a perfect click

Finally pocket-kulla peru virala vittu pose koduthein. Enakku pidichu pochu. I did not put my entire hand inside the pocket, because pocket kilinjurundhuchu.

Review: Sema comfortable sattai
Rating : 5 stars


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Loafer/ Casual/ Formal shoes

Are you looking for a shoe that you can wear for all occasions? Do you want to go to the beach and play in the sand? ; go to a party and shake your leg on the wooden floor or the glass floor?; trek with your friends in a rocky terrain with a shoe that goes well with your jean trousers?; and go to office with a shoe that can pull off a formal look? If you are searching for a shoe that will fit all these requirements, you could try the loafer/ semi casual black shoe from Lee Cooper. 

I searched for such a shoe for a long time and in my search I finally found this shoe online. The link does not work any more. So I went to the Lee Cooper store and asked for the shoe. I was told that the shoe is not there. I told them I will wait for it and after a week I got a call from them and said that the shoe is there. So I went to the store, tried it and wow! it just fit my feet like a sock.

Top view

The shoe has cushions inside. That gives you additional comfort. I always test my shoes by walking on a coir carpet. I could also do the moonwalk comfortably. The shoe does not slip and has got a wonderful grip that allows it to be a good trek shoe too. Some formal shoes are designed in such a way that it will not allow you to go for long walks. But this shoe gives you the right comfort that is needed for a long walk. I have not tried to run in the track with this shoe. But I will test it soon. 

Inner side view

Those curves are one of the best features of this shoe. The inner walls are cushioned with leather and the holes on the top of the shoe allows air circulation and you won't sweat much even if you wear the shoe for more than 10 hours

Outer side view

The rugged look of the shoe can be seen from this angle. As it is purely leather, it can take take up any beating.

The formal look

Yes! I wear it to work too and this gives the perfect formal look for a busy Wednesday meetings. It goes well for your semi casual outfit too. I can just go on and on about this shoe because it has given a new springing action to my strides. I am more active at work :)

- Chronicwriter

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A rose for a rose

Note: Read this love letter with "Rosa poo, Chinna Rosa poo song in the Background"

Dearest Rose,

You know one thing? I fell in love with you when you came in Vijay TV late night show "Ippadikku Rose". Enakku theriyala, how I fell in love with you-nu. May be it was the texture of your voice or may be it was your dressing sense. Edhunu enakku theriyaadhu, but love poothadhu mattumdhaan theriyum

Unakku one thing theriyumma? Naan ippo yellow shirt poattuttu indha line-a type panrein. One poraama pudicha fellow told that your voice is not good-nu. Adhukaaga Anant Vaidyanathana koottittu vandhu unakku voice training kodukkuradhukku nee enna super singerla paadi prize vaangavaa poraa? 

Nee supersinger win pannunaa unakku kodupaanga veedu
Aanaa ennoda heartla kattirukurein unakkaagu chinna veedu

Paatheeyaa! Rose, unna pathi eludhum bodhu maamanukku poetry skills fine tune aaguradha paatheeyaa? That's the kind of effect you have on me

Readers might be thinking that this is a fashion blog for men and a love letter for you in this blog may not be the right fit here. Unakku eludhura indha love letterey oru fashion dhaaney. Idhu ellam avangalukku enga theriya pogudhu?

One bad pellow told me that you look like someone here-nu. Appadidhaan palarum solraanga. But kavala padaadha Rosaa! Naan take diversion eduthu engayum poga maatein. Unakaaga mattumdhaan this heart will beat.

"How to love a man?" appadinu pala articles irukudhu. "How to love a woman?" appadinum pala articles irukudhu. But "how can a man love a transgender-nu" orey oru bookdhaan irukkudhu. Andha book is written by me. Andha book-la naduvula konjam pakkam will be missing, because adha naan kilichutein. Appadi oru verithanamaana kaadhal.

I am not asking you to challenge me. Ennoda lovea accept panniko! Adhu podhum (Nandhitha! This line is ul-kuthu for your post)

Unakku edhaavadhu kodaukanumnu enakku aasai. Oru rose kodukalaamnu paartha, vendaamnu thonudhu. Oru Rose-kkey oru roseaa? Unakkaaga indha sumaaal anbalippai, I am attaching with this blog. Please take a print out and keep it in my nyaabagam.

Unnna kadhara kadhara love panradhukkaaga Doctor Sai is plotting.
Unna thorathi thorathi love torture kodukuradhuku Prasanna is hiding. 
Unna kednap panradhukkaaga Mahesh ji is idea putting.
 Unna vachu MBA lessons solli kodukka  Gopal is thinking.
Unakkaaga oru kidneya kodukuradhukku Anu is contemplating.
Unna vachu film edukuradhukaaga Kishor is reel suthing.
Un photova Sriram avaroda purse-kulla vachu, I don't know what he is doing?
Ivvalavu thadaigalaiyum thaandi vandhu unnoda lovea capture panradhukaaga I am waiting.

Pin Kurippu : Rhyminga pesuna unakku pudikkumnu vadhandhigalai naan kelvipattadhaal, ippadi brilliantaa naan kavidhaigalai alli veesi ullein.

- Anonymous
(Yes this is a motta kadithaasi)

This post is written as part of Write a love letter campaign by Chennai Bloggers Club. Indha love letterkku first mark kodukalana "ratham kakki saavaanga". Chee thoo! Idhellam oru love letteraanu neenga yosicheengana, I don't mind; because I don't want to win this competition. I just win in this Deiveega kaadhal

Monday, December 28, 2015

How to have watermelon shaped butt for men

Women are having lot of easy ways to boost their physical appearances.

With Rakhi Sawant to Pamela Anderson, if a girl wants to boost her image all she has to do is get silicon implants The cleavage of a silicon implanted woman is otherwise called as Silicon valley. Many Indian IT professionals work in the Silicon valley.

With Samantha, Sruthi Hassan and yesteryear lead actress Sridevi opting for a Nose job, the women folk always have the upper hand in fashion sense. They have boosted their image through implants and deflating techniques.

95% of men do not spend any money for grooming themselves. That is why men are often equated to UGLY. 80% of the remaining 5% of men change their gender and become Caitlyn Jenner. That leaves only 1 in 100 men who spend money to groom themselves.

This post is written for the 95% men who can add vigour and power to their body without spending any money. The previous post helped men to get six packs in the most easiest way. This post will help men to have watermelon shaped butts.

Statistics reveal that all women go crazy when they see watermelon shaped butts. Another research study reveal that the 87% of women get turned on when they see a man with a great butt.

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly did not have a great butt. But he made sure that it appeared big. His batting stance was in such a manner that he projected his butt more. This actually did not help him much while facing the short ball. Girls find him attractive.

Even if a man has six packs, strong muscles in arms, if the guy does not have a great butt, he will only end up like a journalist facing Captain Vijaykanth. You may have brilliant questions as a journalist. But you will end up getting a thoo on your face.

Now without suthi valachufying, I will give you 5 easy tips that will make sure that you have a water melon shaped butt in just 10 days.

I have started to follow 3 of the following 5 tips and I am on the way to have a water melon shaped butt

1) The Elliptical exercise : This is the first and foremost step in your urge and verge to have a great butt. Google or check for youtube videos on how to do this exercise

2) Water intake : Drink 3 litres of water everyday. If you drink less than 3 liters of water in a day, you will never ever have a great butt

3) Shave: Shave your butt once in a while. This will enable you to have a butt that looks like Anupham Kher's head

4) Climb stairs : Climb stairs always. Do not use the lift. This will compliment the elliptical exercise

5) V method : If the above 4 steps does not do the trick for you, use the Vadivel method. The same method that Vadivel uses in the movie Kadhalan.

I am following steps, 2,4 and 5 and I already have a pomegranate shaped butt.

Say No to implants. Implants are for women; men always have the V method that comes in handy any time

- Chronicwriter

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Body building tips for men

Ippadi irundhaa naan eppadi aayittein

Caution and decoction: Unga kannu nollaiyaa ponaa , adhukku naan reason nahi hai

12 years ago, I had this Tamanna figure. Semaya iruppein. I used to lift weights that were heavier than me, in my college hostel room hoping to pile up some extra muscles in an effort to attract and distract my crush in college who was waiting for a chance to brother-zone me.

By lifting weights like that, I injured my bone hand, which resulted in blood clots in my arms, which infact looked like gooseberry sized muscles in my arms.

Appo ellam, indha muscle fit  tshirt podura pasangala kandaaley kaduppaayidum. I infact started searching for muscle-up banians which was nothing but the male version of push up bras.

Once I dropped the weights on my toes and fractured one toe. I was happy that the weights did not harm any other part of my body on its way down.

Then, when I figured out that lifting weights to pile up muscles was romba dhooram for me, I switched to plan B. Yes! I sneaked into the computer lab in college hostel and morphed my face on Hrithik Roshan's body and created this picture. I was happy with the outcome that I started using the image for my Yahoo chat profile and for Hi5 social networking platform. For those who do not know what Hi5 and Yahoo chat are, remember that they are the dirty dark past of facebook. Lot of girls wanted to meet me to have a cup of coffee and to thottu paarthufy my arms. Angadhaan naan escape aayiduvein. Crowda mattum pakkathula anda vidaama oru social networking sitekku pinnaalaiyae olinju vaazhndha kaalam adhu.

A few years fast forwarded, I was hitting 30 and was ready to be married. So I changed my gym from MS Paint to Adobe Photoshop and got a well define body (See picture below)

Paarunga! Makkaley! Indha padatha paarthu bayangara fans "shit- a eee moikura maadhiri, sooldhuttaanga". In the mean time, I got married too. Neenga ninaikalaam! Inimel vayasukku vandhaa enna? varalana ennanu? Ingadhaan twistey.

Now I am hitting a real gym. Seekiram my six pack photo will adorn this blog. That day you will have ratham on your eyes

Adios Amigos

- Chronicwriter

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Diesel Under review - Ulley Veliyae

I stopped using Jockey uneraayar after I was told that Simbhu also uses the same underayar. Ten years ago, it was a prestige symbol for men to own a jockey underaayar. You joined the elite club of men if you had one jokey jatty. But over the years, jockey underaayar has become so common that my uncle uses it as a duster to clean his bike. He keeps his kilinju pona jockey jatti in his bike side potti

I grew up with tantex, graduated with VIP underwear and then post graduated with Jockey. But once I disowned Jockey, I shifted my brand patru towards Zorro ullaadaigal and Diesel underwears. Zorro underwears are trendy and colorful and gives the gilma effect when I wear them. I will dedicate a separate post on Zorro underwears; but this post is dedicated to diesel jatty- the best jatty I have worn till date.

Ladies! I rekost you to kindly follow the blog post and not just stare at the picture above. Please scroll down! Ungaladhaan solrein! Please come down and read this paragraph. Aiyaho! When I say come down, I did not mean to say that you should stop your gaze there. You can further come down and read this pargraph. Appaada, finally vandhuteengalaa!

Diesel jetty is very super because you know what! They have a separate parking lot for your essentials. The parking lot is specially designed so that the essentials do not create the jingle bells effect when you run around. They just stay put and at times, the comfort levels are so high that the essentials just sleep off.

Guys! The underwear is pricey. The diesel jattys I have are priced at Rs 3500/- and Rs 1500 respectively. But I can very well say that they are worth every single rupee that you spend on them. I would not spend that much money for a shirt or a pant; but when it comes to jatty, I will spend that sum because I know whom to take care of better.

For the post on Zorro, I have decided to become the model myself. Who is ready to become the photographer?

Do you know Jatti was invented? Read this [ link]

- Chronicwriter

Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to wear a T Shirt - the right way

Many people wear T shirt in many ways.

This video tutorial explains the correct way of wearing a T shirt.

Any other method is wrong.

So watch this video and adopt this method in your day today life.

Share this post on your facebook walls and help all the thaviching souls.

Seiveergala! Seiveergala? Seiveergala?

- Chronicwriter